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Nokia invitation for MWC sent out, what can we look forward to?

Nokia’s invitation for their event has just been released to the press. Now, since Nokia’s last event, there were a lot of rumors of what is their next move. Today, I will summarize all of what we can expect to see from Nokia at MWC 2014

Nokia Normandy

God, this is one of the most popular stories from Nokia beside the Nokia Lumia Icon (I’ll talk about it later). Now, this little device has been rumored for months now. A lot of rumors suggested that it will run Android with heavily skin, but some suspects that is a new form of the Asha new OS to cooperate with the inquiry that Microsoft had made for Nokia. Either way, as MWC is nearer as everyday is passing, we could expect to see the introduction of the Nokia Normandy, and to see what OS it’s actually running on.

Nokia Lumia Icon

The Nokia Lumia Icon has leaked several times in the Verizon web page (Well, twice, but just go with it). Anyway, The Nokia Lumia Normandy seems like to be smaller (but still quite large) version of the Nokia Lumia 1520. It’s rumored to have almost the same spec, with the exception of the smaller screen, around 5 inches. This is most likely to be an exclusive variant for Verizon wireless. As the device has been rumored for months now, this MWC could be the time we actually see the unveiling of this phone.

An 8 inch tablet

This is what has been rumored since Nokia released the Nokia Lumia 2520. And it is now once again, been mentioned because according to the rumor, Nokia has been working on an 8 inch variant for their tablet line up. Specially since the Nokia Lumia 1520 has a quite positive review (not on sales count). Although it seems like a little bit early for another Nokia tablet, the fact that they will soon be a part of Microsoft would make it more likely that Nokia would like to put as much product out the windows before they become something else.

Source: Pocketlint
Via: Pocketnow


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