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T-mobile uncarrier: Has you switched yet?

In the beginning of the year, T-mobile announced their Uncarrier 4.0 plans, which was that they will pay your termination fees if you switches to T-mobile, and that caused a lot of people, and I mean, a lot, changed to T-mobile, so has you?

Now, before you ask me, I’m already a T-mobile customer so there is that, but what if you are not a T-mobile customer, would you still be interesting in changing, here is a few reasons why

No contract–>Uncarrier 

A bit of history and explain, the term “Carrier” is used to describe a corporation or a company that tied you with a contract for years. Now, since last year, T-mobile decided to change that, they decided to go “Uncarrier”, which means that you can get your phones without a contract, you can either pay full price for the phone or you can pay monthly with some money for up front payed first. That is also when T-mobile saw some popularity in the US market, which has been dominated by at&t and Verizon. T-mobile actually changed the consumer’s way of buying their phone and choose their carrier. Now, how would this benefit you? Well, you are not getting stuck in contract if you want to switch to a different carrier. This created a less restrict space for consumers to have less pressure because with another carrier, as soon as you chose a phone, you will use that phone for 2 years, which is quite a problem if you want to upgrade your phones, change carrier because of financial situation require or you are moving to a different location.

T-mobile Jump vs at&t Next vs Verizon Edge vs Sprint OneUp 

Now, about the phone upgrade situation, you might say that other carrier has a plan that help you get a different phone at the time of contract. But T-mobile might have one of better plan than all the other, mainly because it helps your payment cost low. Not that it is low, it is lower than other plan makes it the best available on the market right now. Ok, as you can see on the chart, in total, T-mobile have the lowest cost out of all four carrier in the US, in addition to that, unlike Verizon, where you have to wait until you pay up at least 50% of the old phone, and other for a year, T-mobile make it able for their customer to upgrade twice per year, which is a briliant move since the mobile tech world is evolving faster than ever. Also, just another plus for T-mobile, they have accident plan included. So, in otherword, the least hurtful plan for your pocket is from T-mobile

Uncarrier 4.0 

This is one of the biggies, As you know, T-mobile are willing to pay your termination contract fee for you if you switch to their carrier. And since they launched it, people are starting to switching to T-mobile, not just that they are tired of contract, but they also value unlimited data, which is also a strong point from T-mobile. twitter the day after the announcement exploded with the #breaksup, which is people posting their changed to T-mobile. And it has been crazy since, people are starting to switch to T-mobile at a very high rate.Which is good news for T-mobile.
With all the new innovation in the Wireless carrier business change in T-mobile, Mr. John Legere might not wrong when he says that this will cause the whole industry to move in a different direction.
Source: The VergDroid Life


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