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Windows Phone 8.1, what to expect?

As day goes by, is another day that Windows Phone is getting older without any major update, and that is why the Windows Phone 8.1 update will be huge for Microsoft. Not only it is going to released a new phone that already come with 8.1 versions, the update will also bring a big change to the UI as well as new features. Let’s take a look at some that might be true, as well as some that I this version of the update will include.


You know, I remember the time when I first play Halo, and I just, like addicted to it. I got to admit, the Halo franchise was awesome. And now, the thing just gets more awesome, because rumor that in the update 8.1, Microsoft will include their new voice interface, Cortana, to compete with Siri and Google Now. And although we have not seen how Cortana actually work, I hope that this will be a substantial voice interface, that is hopefully better than S Voice, and actually have a potential to compete with Siri and Google now.

Notification center

What seem like a simple thing can take so long for Microsoft to figure it out, or I hope they will. But Windows Phone 8 definitely needs a notification center for their OS. Now, Microsoft argues that the point of live tiles is to see their notification at a glance. And yes, that is true, IF you have a Nokia Lumia 1520, because other than that,with other Windows Phone devices, you have to keep scrolling for your notification and that is not “Glancing” like what Microsoft has described.

Tile color wheels and wallpaper

There is actually no one confirming this, this is just my wish for a Windows Phone next update. WHY CAN’T I HAVE A COLOR WHEEL, OR EVEN COLOR PANEL? Like why? I mean, Microsoft claimed that they have one of the most customizable UI, yet there are only 25 color options for tiles. I want more color option, because you can change your color 25 times, but eventually, you will get bored of it, I know I did. And what about the background wallpaper? It has been over due too long for Windows Phone 8. I mean, why can we set a background picture behind our tiles, it is ridiculous.

Did I miss anything? Comment, like follow, share, all of the shenanigans is much appreciated



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