What I hope for iPhone 6

Well, as the day goes by, is another day closer to the release day of the new iPhone 6 (or what I’m assuming they will call it) So, with that spirit, here is things that I’d like to see Apple include in iPhone 6

More screen options

Well, see, I’ve said a lot of time that Apple needs to increase their screen size, and that is also one of the reasons why people are leaving iPhone to Android. Now, with the competition is increasing in size, Apple needs to step up its game. But, with that being says, a lot of people bought iPhone 5 or 5s or even 5c, a lot of time was because of the screen size, and how it is fitting right in the hand, and I understand that because before I see the beauty of 5 inch screen, I have been always the one who prefer a smaller screen like around 4-4.5 inch screen. So, with various types of customer in the market, one company knows what to do was Sony with their Sony compact and Sony S, both of those was the smaller version of their flagship, Sony Xperia Z. Now, if Apple is smart, they will follow Sony footstep and create the new iPhone 6 with various screen type with no compromise. For those that shares my idea, there is a good news, because in the beginning of the year, there was a leak picture of the new iPhone frame, and it looks huge!!!! So, lets hope that Apple will have a bigger and better screen. One last note on this topic, split screen (or windows) could also be added to the bigger device to utilize the screen real estate.

Color Option

Just to be clear, I do not want the 5C crappy idea again. Don’t get me wrong, the 5C is a good phone, and in fact, I had just bought one for my mom, and she loved it. But, the thing is, I would like to have the color option with the newest tech, because with 100$ different, it is totally worth it just to go for the 5S right now since those are just better.What I want, is the option of those normal colors like the 5S and the collection of the 5C in the iPhone 6. I mean, it’s honestly the obvious option for Apple since as we all know, the 5C did not do too great on the market. And to that point, how hard could it be to have those color options on one type (or 2 assuming that the various screen size is real) rather than 2 (Or 3) different type of phone. So, you want to sell more phone Apple? Make the color option be available your newest phone, with no compromise.

Optical Image Stabilization

Well, to be fair to Apple, the reason why they don’t have it on their current phone, is because the camera already doing a great job with taking photos. But that does not mean that is doesn’t need to improve, especially when the competition like Nokia, LG, HTC, all have better quality. And let remember, the Nokia 920 Stabilization is now open to everyone, so why doesn’t Apple take advantage of that, and use that technology for their own camera, and just to refresh your memory, the 920 takes AMAZING (say it with the high pitched voice please) photos. This can improve their image quality even further, and also help them in the competition against other company. Also, here is some good news, in January, Apple had just patented app reveals the work on OIS for their camera.

iOS 7.1

Now, as we all know, not too many people had a good experience with iOS7, reports shows that a lot of time, after install or update an app, the phone restarts, some minor bug and lag, etc.. This makes iOS 7 became one of the most inconsiten update that Apple ever released. Now, with IOS 7, I would like to see these bugs fixed, as well as some improvement on Siri, this voice interface really need some update since it work nowhere near as good as Google Now, and one more feature they could add for Siri is support for 3rd party apps, so that users can utilize Siri to its full potential.

Fingerprint scanner

Just don’t remove it, I mean, it works well most the time, although some recent reports show that the fingerprint scanner was starting to be a little bit inconsistent over  time, and it takes longer to unlock your phone than it already is, now, to that point, I think a few software updates would help. Last but not least, if the fingerprint can also work with third party apps like banking Apps or Facebook or even Twitter, that would also be another plus point for Apple. With that being says, if Apple thinks that they can’t not protect fingerprint being leaked out of the phone, then please, for the love of god, DO NOT DO IT!
So, that is my thought, did I miss anything? Of course I did. Comment, like, follow me not just on Blogger, but also my twitter, @Ronalminho


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