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2014 mark the decline of bezel on smartphone

When you have been around with a cell phone as long as I had, you will remember that back then, a cell phone was big, heavy, and although its purpose was for you to be able to bring your phone anywhere, people either have to install it in their car or in their suit case to be able to carry them around. So from that time, the race for manufacture was to make the smallest phone possible. But then, as Smartphone became popular, the race was reversed. From 3 inches, to 3.5, to 4, to 5 and now to 6.4. But honestly, I do enjoy having a bigger screen, but if you’re anything like me, your hand is not big enough to use a 6.4 inches phone with one hand. So how do we do it?

The decline of Bezel

Every great empire eventually came to a decline, and now, the time for bezel has come. For those who don’t know, bezels are the black thingy surrounding your TV, tablet, Smartphone or computer’s screen. Now, for a long time. Manufactures had been using this unoccupied land to put a front facing camera, hardware buttons and most important of all, the brand. These things usually located at the top and bottom bezels of a phone, but what about the left and right bezels? Those are technically useless, right? I mean, I can’t think of any reason why should that space should exist! So, the smart thing to do on a Smartphone is to expand the screen outward to these bezels, and that way, you can make a phone from 4.5 to 4.7 inches or even 5 inches depend on how big the bezels are.

Well… Gradually

Obviously, you can’t expect an overnight fall. This bezel less design, or “unlimited screen” as some might call, will cost some money. Just like in the printing business, when you do a “full bleed”, as some might call, usually cost extra expand and labor, and it’s the same thing for cell phones.
Also, with the bezels less design, the phone has to be able to separate when the users are grappling the phone and touching the phone. Because with no bezel, part of the hand’s palm will touch the screen and with current screen technology in our phone, it will take some time before this happens.
That is my thought, what about you? Comment, like and follow me on twitter @Ronaldminho
Picture source: PocketnowNokia

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