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Does the G2 Mini deserve the G or Mini?

A few weeks ago, LG released the LG G2 Mini at an event that is not MWC. The phone its self, as they claim, to be a smaller variant of the LG G2, but my question to them (If they ever read this) is the LG G2 Mini deserves the G brand, or the word Mini for that matter, but let’s start with the G first, shall we?


So, for those that are not familiar, the LG G2 is one of the most powerful hardware (beside the G2 Pro) that LG ever created in 2013. The big full HD screen, the Optical Stabilize camera, 3000mAH power battery and of course, the unique rear volume and power key. But just because a phone has a rear key, that does not mean it belongs in the G2 line. Why? Simply because there is just not enough G in the G2 mini. I mean, the thing have a 1.7 GHz quad-core. And for GOD SAKE, it’s a 4.7 inch screen, I mean, you can fit a 1080p screen on it, why the heck would you put a qHD IPS+ LCD panel on a 4.7 inch screen instead of a full HD display? And for the love of God, that is almost the size of the HTC One, which also have the 1080p screen. What about the camera, there are 2 options, 13 or 8 megapixels depend on region, WITHOUT OIS. I mean, how could you call it a G2 without almost all the key elements. GOD, I can rant about this all day. Geez, can anyone be more like Sony?


This remains me back to the HTC One Mini and the Galaxy S 4 mini, the brand is just not fit with the product. I talked about this before, OEMs need to stop scale down everything just because of the screen size. If you’re going to do that, might as well just make a different series of phone. Like, seriously, the thing about this is that we, the consumer needs the option of a smaller version of a flagship device, so that we could enjoy the same experience that the flagship versions would give us. This is morally wrong since average consumer would not know the differences in specs, and as my experience with carriers in the US, they are not good at informing you about phone’s spec or the compromises that you would get if you get one of these mini version phone. Also, these mid-range phone come with a pretty high- end price range, and that is just wrong.


How the heck is that mini!

Second of all, why does LG called it Mini, because as I recall, the HTC One is also 4.7 inches, and a lot of people consider it a pretty big phone, and that is the problem. To be fair, big phones are just getting bigger, but that does not mean that small phones should get bigger too. With that being says, phones like the HTC One Mini, it’s not really mini, it’s just smaller than its flagship, and that to me is just disturbing. And so, why would LG, or other OEMs for that matter, called it mini? This is not why mini phones should exist, the purpose of a mini phone is for the consumer to have the SIGNIFICANTLY smaller variants, not the “barely smaller” variant.

Bottom Line

Now, don’t get me wrong, the LG G2 Mini probably is not a bad phone, but OMEs should really learn from Sony and how they make a quote on quote “Mini” phone (although Sony’s called Compact). So, lets me make this clear to you, ANY OEMs that is making mini phones, unless you do something like Sony did, I will keep attacking any of those products every waking minute (provided that people still want to read my opinion)

Picture Source: Sony, att, PhoneArena, MWC



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