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TL;DR Why this is a bad idea (again) TLDR


Ok, this part doesn’t count, but my TL; DR is just 500 words piece where I rant about random stuff


Ok, so Nokia just unveiled their Nokia X line as of today, and although I was the one who was begging for an Android Nokia before I actually use the Nokia, this is a bad idea, for Microsoft. Let me recap for you in case you missed it this morning. The Nokia X line is a series of phones including Nokia X, X+ and XL, all 3 run Android that has not confirmed which version, on the open Android project that is similar to Amazon and its Kindle line up. Now, why is it such a bad idea, it’s because Microsoft technically just raised their hand and surrender. Some of you might say that well, Nokia now legally is still Nokia, and they are still separating themselves from Microsoft. But no, they are well aware of where they are, and Stephen Elop mentioned the Nokia’s acquisition by Microsoft over and over again just to try to convince us that this is not a bad idea. Frankly, I don’t buy it, because:

1-Nokia makes a different app store and not ALL the apps will be available. To be fair, Stephen and Nokia did mention that  you can side load apps, but as I said in my previous editorials, side loading apps are a bad idea, because nobody ever has a good experience with side loading an app.

2-This just shows that Microsoft is desperate in the battle versus two bigger platforms, Android and iOS. Now, Mr. Elop states that Nokia X is a mid range line, Lumia running Windows Phone 8 is still the main focus for Nokia. But here is the fact, Microsoft and its platform lost out on one of the most popular game last year, Flappy Bird; they are still strugglingto get YouTube on their app store; official apps like Instagram and Vine is still not perfect. A load of new apps that came to IOS and Android never really get to Windows Phone, and instead of working harder, they are just giving up and let Android do the work for them. The release of this phone, as far as I consider, a win for Google in the platform war.

Ok, some will say that this would make it easier for Microsoft to get app for Window Phone Store, maybe put a standard for developers to build. But here is the problem, developers would most likely to build an Android app rather than follow instruction, and it would once again be Microsoft job to attract the developers to the Nokia Android-ish Store. Also, just for a reminder, I don’t see how is it easier for Microsoft since Android and Windows Phone have nothing in common, from the kernel of the platform.

Is this a bad idea? Yes, but let’s not forget that  phone this focus for those who want a cheap, but not a bad phone (AkA: immerging market). To be honest, I might buy one, or I can just get the Moto G for 50$ extra!



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