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Killing off feature device and service as well as layoffs 18,000 employees, Microsoft puts its focus on flagship device

With the new CEO, Microsoft is going through a major transformation, the new goal that Satya Nadella has put out for the company, hope that changes would bring the company up, and it’s working. USA Today reports Microsoft shares has gone up 25% under the new CEO. Now, we know that beside Lumia, Nokia still […]

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Nokia reveals the Nokia X2 Android phone

Remember in the beginning of the year, we were all so excited about the first ever Nokia Android phone? As it has been rumored for months and near the launch date, there were almost 6-7 different teaser. But of course, that phone failed to get us excited at its launch. But Nokia decided that this line is still […]

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TL;DR Why this is a bad idea (again) TLDR

Ok, this part doesn’t count, but my TL; DR is just 500 words piece where I rant about random stuff Enjoy! Ok, so Nokia just unveiled their Nokia X line as of today, and although I was the one who was begging for an Android Nokia before I actually use the Nokia, this is a bad idea, […]

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MWC, What To Expect!!!

The rumors about phone for MWC are getting me sick, and if you’re anything like me, you don’t needs rumors, you need concrete announcements, the real phone rather than some random pictures that leaked because someone forgot the prototype at a bar. So, let’s see what we can expect from MWC 2014! Samsung At MWC […]

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Nokia goes all androids on us, good or bad?

In the past few weeks, the biggest news for me is how Nokia is planning to go all Android on us, now is that a good thing? I mean, some people are going to say something along the line of “if you can’t beat them, join them” and that would work about half a year […]