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Maybe Windows Phone will have a compatible smartwatch too?

If you’re anything like me, a Windows Phone power user, don’t you just get sick of all your Android and iOS friends? With their fancy Pebble or Galaxy Gear? Well, worry no more, Microsoft has come to the rescue!

Last week, a lot of media outlets were reporting on a patent that was focused on a “Biometric Parameter”measurement (linked one here). Today, we are looking at a patent for an “electronic band.” The patent itself was implying some sort of device with a lot of fitness-tracking capability (which is quite common for smartwatches these days)

What is more interesting is that the device appears to be just a square screen that is attached to (and detachable from) the band. There are also signs indicate that the square device that is attached to the band can be connected to other wear-on like a belt. Beside the name Carl J. Ledbetter (One of Xbox designers) came up in the patent, pictures that it’s included shows a dock to remove the device from the band to charge and sync, and/or switching to other wear-on that is mentioned.


Of course, this is just a patent, but it shows great potential of the next Microsoft smartwatch. What would be your perfect smartwatch, comment bellow. Also, follow me on twitter @Rolnaldminho.

Source: USPTO; Google Patents
Via: WPCentral





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