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Oppo N1 Mini launches today, and it is not a mini…

Well, one of the things Oppo has been doing awesome this year so far is keeping them on the tech radar, and I’m going to say this, it is not a mini phone by any mean. Oppo N1 is not a popular phone elsewhere beside China, but that does not change the fact that the company […]

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Nokia Lumia 635 is coming to the US in the next couple weeks

Well, enjoy the Nokia brand while it last, because I doubt beside the 930, there won’t be a next Nokia device. Well, remember the Lumia 635 announces last month along with Windows Phone 8.1? If you don’t, I don’t blame you, it’s not a memorable phone, it’s not flagship spec, nor it is a beautiful […]


Windows Phone 8.1 official file manager is here

  It is kind of cool how Microsoft is committing to the whole new apps ecosystem for Windows Phone 8.1. The past few weeks, we have seen leaks of a file manager type that apparently is going to be in Windows Phone 8.1 update, well, those were somewhat the truth.  Today, Microsoft releases an app called […]