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Oppo N1 Mini launches today, and it is not a mini…

Well, one of the things Oppo has been doing awesome this year so far is keeping them on the tech radar, and I’m going to say this, it is not a mini phone by any mean.

Oppo N1 is not a popular phone elsewhere beside China, but that does not change the fact that the company has made it one of the most interesting phone of 2013, not only it has a Cyanagenmod variant, bit the swivel-camera is perfect for those love to take selfies. However, 5.9 inch-screen is large for some people, so Oppo has made a smaller alternative, kind of…

Welcome, the Oppo N1 “Mini” with the 5 inch display, with the frame that even larger than some of the 5 inch opponent like the M8 or S5. Now, the obvious thing is that the “mini” is not a mini at all. In fact, the only reason this phone exists is because it’s the lower resolution screen, 720p display. The rest of the specifications are hidden from the public because Oppo did not feel like sharing them.

However you want to call it, it is still a giant phone, but then again, the swivel-camera is still pretty sweet.

Source: Oppo

Via: Pocketnow


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