BBM is coming to Windows Phone 8


Well, we all see the success of WhatsApp, got bought for $19 billion and still making about $49 per user (500 million active users monthly). Instant message apps are a booming business, and that was why less than a year ago, John Chen opened up the BBM service to other platforms other than its own OS. With that move, the number of users raised as well as its value in the apps market as well.

To take a step further, the executives have promised that Windows Phone users will also allow to subscribe to BBM at MWC in Barcelona this year, specifically in the second quarter. However, we never know the exact day of launch for the platform, until now. Since this announcement, many speculate the release date would vary somewhere between May and June, which is when the first Windows Phone 8.1 handset would probably be launched. Well, this picture posted by a Reddit user shows that BBM supposedly be available on the Windows store, as well as being pre-install in the new Windows Phone 8.1 handset, the Lumia 630.

With the plan to expand BBM, this is an important step to expand the number of users. Now, it is nowhere near what WhatsApp worth, but for what we see so far, it is trying to be. So, my good old BBM friends, will you snatch up the app when it comes? Comment bellow!

(Keep checking in for my BBM app review and download link)


Via: PhoneArena


3 replies on “BBM is coming to Windows Phone 8”

Well, since this is a beta, I’ll assume that the full version will come in about a month or two. So, stay tune, I’ll have a review for the app on the site soon, so stay tune



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