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Oppo hints at a 24MP Ultra HD Camera for the N1 Mini


Hey, remember the awesome phone with the twist-ty camera? Yea, that is the Oppo N1, a 5.9-inch phone. Now, let’s say that you want a smaller option, Oppo got you covered, with the Oppo N1 Mini at 5-inch (Yep, you heard me right, ‘mini’). Well, although the phone is officially announced back in May by the company, the details about this phone is quite hazy. Also, after that, there was no other detail revealed to us, until today, as the company hints to a high-end camera is in place for the N1 Mini.

More specifically, this camera will be a “Revolutionary 24 Mega Pixels Ultra HD Camera.” Now, this is quite confusing, because as we know before, the Oppo N1 Mini, like its sibling, the N1, has a 13 megapixels sensor, so what is up with this 24? Well, let’s look at it, the “Ultra HD,” sound familiar? Yes, it is the same term for then Oppo Find 7, with up-sampling technology. So yes, similar technology, but more conservative limit, which as you can see, capped at 24MP.So, anyone out there is thinking of buying one?

Source: Oppo (Facebook)

Via: Pocketnow



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