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The ‘M8 for Windows’ teaser from Dutch carrier hints at global availability

You know, for the past few weeks, the rumors and leaks of a One device that runs Windows Phone. It becomes more transparent as we saw the leak render from Verizon a few days ago. So, the question now for those who aren’t living in the States is that will be phone be available globally? Well, […]


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T-mobile’s smartphones last longer on one charge?

You know, when it comes to choosing a carrier, there are a lot of of criteria you have to go through to choose what is best for you. Devices options, coverage in your area, etc… But let’s just that aside, and say you live in the area that all the biggest major carrier is covered, like […]


HTC 8S won’t be receiving Windows Phone 8.1 Update1 (GDR1)

Even known that Update, or GDR 1 is just hot right out of the oven, a lot of us has been getting it through Developer preview program, although HTC devices are having a bit of trouble with getting that update. Even know Microsoft and HTC is looking into it, they are now coming out with more […]

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Moto 360 shows itself on picture, charging

This is nothing new, folks. One of the first rumors that spread out back when Motorola announced the Moto 360 is that it will have a wireless charging method. That became more obvious with the fact that at Google I/O, while having some hand-on time with the Moto 360, tester realized that there is no […]