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HTC One M8 for Windows is coming to T-Mobile

For the past week or two, we were all getting hyped up for the new Windows Phone flagship, and sad at the same time since at the moment, the phone is only available  for Verizon. Well, we’ve heard AT&T is planing to get it, and today, we just got a confirmation from T-Mobile that they […]

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Samsung and LG released two new smartwatches days before IFA

Wow, it seems like Samsung and LG can’t hold it back, even know we are just days away from IFA. For Samsung, the company has broken out of its norm, and decided to release this ahead of time instead of waiting for the Unpack 5 event. While LG doesn’t have any event so it is […]

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The iPhone 6 is set to be revealed in two weeks!

As IFA was coming, we all feel like missing something, as Apple, although just released iOS8 in Beta, is still missing some hardware. Well, after numerous of leaks on the iPhone, iPad and even the iWatch, it seems like Apple is ready to unveil them all at its September 9th event in the Silicon Valley. Now, from […]