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Lumia 730 and 735 surfaced before IFA

It is never overdue for a mid-range phone, especially from Nokia, as they has been known for excellent hardware and using experience across all ranges of phone. And it seems like we are getting more next week at IFA, as Microsoft has scheduled an event for us on September 4th. But you know, some of us […]

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OnePlus One is ending invite system

It’s quite rare to see a company like OnePlus to stir up the smartphone market with its first phone ever, although the company has a lot of issues so far. There has been numerous reports on quality control and bigger, the complaints about the invitation system that the company put in place in order for you to […]

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Cyanagen Mod for Windows?

For those who are using Android out there, you probably know what Cyanagen Mod is, it’s a startup that runs behind Android, allows for more customization and ease of use. Now, Windows Phone user has limited option when it comes to mod and rooting phone, but things might about to change. Why? Reportedly, Satya Nadella […]