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Cyanagen Mod for Windows?


For those who are using Android out there, you probably know what Cyanagen Mod is, it’s a startup that runs behind Android, allows for more customization and ease of use. Now, Windows Phone user has limited option when it comes to mod and rooting phone, but things might about to change. Why? Reportedly, Satya Nadella has been in talk with CyanagenMod as a potential partner, or even an acquisition of the company.

According to The Information, Satya had talked with the fold at CyanagenMod, however, details of the conversation is yet to be disclosed. Also, what exactly that Microsoft wants to do with CyanagenMod is still a mystery. For all we know, there could be a version of Cyanagen for Windows Phone 9? For CyanagenMod, the company has really outgrown itself, with the partnership with one-place and at one point, Oppo, so, there could be a chance that the company wants to reach out of Android, and Windows Phone seems to be the perfect place. Also, let’s not forget that Microsoft is also in possession of the Nokia X line.

Source: The Information

Via: WP Central


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