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OnePlus One is ending invite system


It’s quite rare to see a company like OnePlus to stir up the smartphone market with its first phone ever, although the company has a lot of issues so far. There has been numerous reports on quality control and bigger, the complaints about the invitation system that the company put in place in order for you to get a phone. While the system is certainly an ear-catcher, it’s also the most frustrating thing consumers have to go through to get a smartphone. So, understandably, OnePlus is pulling the plug on the system.

Announced on Reddit, OnePlus tells us that the company is “working on a pre-orders system” for awhile, and were set for September, but because of some issue, the program will be delayed until October. Now, although the thing did suggest that the phone’s availability is still limited, but at least people can pre-order and wait for their phone, rather than waiting hopelessly for an invitation.

So, anyone out for a One Plus One, October is your time.

Source: OnePlus (Reddit)

Via: Pocketnow



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