HTC 8S won’t be receiving Windows Phone 8.1 Update1 (GDR1)

8sEven known that Update, or GDR 1 is just hot right out of the oven, a lot of us has been getting it through Developer preview program, although HTC devices are having a bit of trouble with getting that update. Even know Microsoft and HTC is looking into it, they are now coming out with more bad news: Those who are using the HTC 8S will not get Update 1 or GDR1 for Windows Phone 8.1. HTC reveals that on its forums:

By HTC and Microsoft R & D department after repeated communication matters relating HTC 8X/8S upgrade Windows Phone 8.1 Update developer preview version now make the following notification:

HTC 8X will be the first time the push notification system test time after stable, while HTC 8S due to some hardware upgrades do not meet the criteria, this will not be upgraded, hope you are using HTC 8S friends can understand. More timely information please keep an eye on the official micro-blog user information thanks for continuedof HTC users, thank you!

So, what is your next Windows Phone device, you HTC 8S users?

Source: HTC

Via: WP Central



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