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Is it such a good idea, Microsoft? (TL; DR)


google-vs-bingAs I reported yesterday, Update 1 for Windows Phone 8.1 deletes Google from search engine selection for some regions. From a business perspective, that makes perfect senses, after all, Microsoft would like Bing to start making some profit. Also, I mean, after all, it is Microsoft’s platform, and it can do whatever it wants. But here is the thing, is Windows Phone in the position that enable Microsoft to make this change? Really, think about it.

As I say, from Microsoft’s investors for Bing, it makes perfect sense, and the engine is good enough that if it rightly promotes, will attract users. Also, Microsoft wants it to make some profit in, as soon as 2016. Even I would do that if I were in Microsoft’s shoes. But I do go around and ask people how do I look in this pair of shoes, and perhaps Microsoft should do the same thing. Here is the thing, Android got famous not only for its robust eco-system, but for its ability to modify almost everything. I mean, yes, a lot of us prefer Google play edition more than Touch Wiz, but imagine the Note line without split-screen, God that world would be a mess. That is also why Apple is starting to let it loose a little bit with iOS 8, with more customization. Of course, the company is moving away from Google too, but the SP (search provider) still has Google as an option, so why is Microsoft is starting to delete this? After all, Cortana is already running Bing, and as a habit, users will most likely press the search buttons, not only to use Cortana, but it’s just more convenient for them. Also, if they are going to search from the web browser, they most likely will ignore what is the default engine before they search. Let’s the users try Bing rather than force it on to them. That seems like a better strategy than what they are doing right now, Innit?

Now, don’t get me wrong, I do think that it is a sensible thing for Microsoft to do, but it’s not the right time. I mean; even Google still has Bing as an SP option of their Chrome web browser on Android, and the same thing for iOS. So, when Microsoft can’t even get its market share to double digits, the company is in no position to make these kind of restriction on users and potential users.

But I want to know, what do you think, would this move repulse consumers from buying Windows Phone?

TL; DR is an under 500 words editorial series.



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