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iPhone 6 phablet might get a faster processor than the 4.7-inch model


Look at that, it is August, a month away from what’s expected to be the launch of the next iPhone model. And as we get closer to that date, the more leaks and rumors we get. We have received constant tips that the 5.5-inch variant and the 4.7-inch variant will be launching separately, although beside the size, the rumors suggest that the two devices are resembled of each other in almost every way. Well, today, we got a different piece of information, hints to more differences between the two handsets.

Reporter from Apple Insider reported that besides the launch date and the size, the two handsets will also be having two different processors. The source also suggests that the 5.5-inch variant will be the one bearing the better of the two, with “more wide-ranging architectural split.” It speculated that the 5.5-inch model might be shipped with “additional on-die silicon such as a larger array of graphics processing cores.” The source also believes that an alternative possibility is that Apple is making two “A8” chips, “with different fabrication plants using different processes.”

The reporter also mentions that the two models will have different touch modules. As of right now, Taipei-based TPK is Apple’s main sources for the Touch modules in the current iPhone model, but an alternative option could be in consideration since the supplier is currently manufacturing a ‘nanowire touch panel components” for Apple heavily rumored smartwatches.

Source: Apple Insider

Via: Pocketnow



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