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Nokia Lumia 635 arrives for T-mobile and MetroPCS (Update)


The last few weeks, we saw the Lumia 635 popping up in all sorts of places in the US after the announcement back in April. T-mobile quickly gave a formal statements to carry it not long after that; and ever since, we have been waiting for a Windows Phone 8.1 handset to land in the States. After the delay of the pre-order on Microsoft’s website, now Fret at T-mobile publicly announces the 635 and the handset’s sales detail for T-mobile and its smaller company, MetroPCS.

At MetroPCS, you can get it for just about $100, T-mobile did not give out the flat price for the device, but the monthly payment spell-out might just come under $170. This would be the first Windows Phone 8.1 handset to be landing US carriers. With new firmware, hardware and software, full Windows Phone, no developer preview.

After July 4th, T-mobile will allow you to start purchasing the phone, there is also the Home Shopping network edition. July 9th, selected T-mobile store will begin selling it online. Followed that, selected T-mobile store will get the phone on July 16, and Metro PCS will get its own in July 18th.

Pricing is now available for T-mobile at $99, $7/month for 2 years, what a deal!

Source: T-MobileNokia



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