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Microsoft admits that Surface Pro 3 has problems with connectivity


The Microsoft Surface Pro 3 looks to be one of the best tablet so far, with the horse power to get your jobs done, as well as a little bit entertaining, it is enough to replace your laptop. Now, as it is available in the Microsoft Store and BestBuy, it has been promoting non stop, with its excellent ad that explains why should this be your next tablet/laptop. I mean, you couldn’t watch a World Cup match without seeing this ad (on a side note, GO USA; Belgium vs USA). Well, here is one reason why you should not be buying the Pro 3, at least not yet.

Even know the slate sets to slam the iPad and MacBook, there are some problems concern the connection with WI-Fi that could hold back on the sales of this device. What is the problem with WI-Fi connectivity? Well, it just disappears, whoala, in one second. And it’s not just on one device, several Surface Pro 3 owners are having the same problems. And if that’s not bad enough, the battery power sometimes slows down the Wi-Fi speed on the tablet. Even know you can fix it by just restarting your tablet, this should not be in a $1000 tablet.

Some of the fixing solution has been given out, like manually install the Marvell WI-Fi driver or turn the wireless adapter power to max performance. Understand the situation as Microsoft has been listening to reports, the company gave out a statement, says:

Thanks for sharing your experiences. If I understand correctly, after your devices sleep for any amount of time the network and possibly the Bluetooth devices no longer appear in Device Manager and this results in no network connectivity, etc. Your feedback, including suggested workarounds (successful or otherwise) has been shared. We are working to address this and will have an update available soon.”-Josh F., Microsoft Support Staff

As he said, Microsoft engineers in Redmond are working to fix the problem, and a firmware update will be “available soon.”

Source: ZDNet

Via WPCentral; Phone Arena 



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