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Render of the Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition leaked

Samsung-Galaxy-S5-Google-Play-Edition-render-leakFor those who do not like skins that OEMs put in, you can always flash android or get the stock Android launcher, or get a Google Play Edition of it, if it available. Yes, so far this year, top of the line phone like HTC One M7 & M8, Galaxy S4, Xperia Z Ultra, they are all here (some of them already here from last year). What is yet to happen is the Google Play Edition of the Samsung Galaxy S5. Well, we hoped that at Google I/O, there will be something about this hardware, but it just came and went, no hardware announcement.

And while we still do not know that if such device even exist, @evleaks gives us some hope with a leaked render of a Galaxy S5 with stock Android software on it. But wait, is it reliable? Here is why not, it is because there are a total of 6 navigation buttons, software and hardware, which is quite bizarre. But the again, a picture that was at Google I/O have the same Galaxy S5 that has both software and hardware navigation buttons. Som there is a possibility that we will see the Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition offers two sets of navigation buttons.

Move futher, hypothetically, let’s just say that the Galaxy S5 Google Play Edition is on the Play Store right now, it will most likely be at least $600 if not more. The real question now is when/if will we see this phone be available?

Source: @evleaks

Via: Phone Arena



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