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Microsoft signed patent licensing deal with Canon


As Microsoft purchases the Nokia Service and Mobile division, we were left wondering if Microsoft will continue the innovative work that Nokia has been doing for years. Solid hardware with key features that always make their devices stand out from the normal packs. We all come to know and love the Lumia 1020’s camera, and we also know that Nokia was just dip in toe into the pool of endless possibility for the future of smartphone photography. One of the things that I worried the most is will device like this survive in a bigger company like Microsoft. Well, today, the biggest software company has put me at ease, as it signs a licensing deal with one of the world biggest camera company, Canon.

So exactly is going on here? A simplistic way to explain it is that the company has signed a patent deal with Canon, allows Microsoft to increase its innovation without worry of being sued. This is not the first time, since 2003, more than 1,100 deals like this has been structured by Microsoft. Go back to the topic, this deal covered a lot of area (although the detail has not been disclosed), but according to Canon, this is a “natural extension” of its relationship with Microsoft. The two have been working on numerous projects, one example is the color technology.

Although it sounds pretty vague right now, the deal can be a move toward, as we can see more high end technology in camera, being brought into Lumia devices that will now be designed by Microsoft.

Source: Microsoft
Via: WPCentral; Pocketnow



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