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A new Lumia emerges in pictures; Lumia 830? McLaren? Tesla?


A lot of time, software update is never big with Microsoft. We learned that OTA for the update is coming as soon as this summer. Although Windows Phone 8.1 is not out yet, but some of the handsets with full Windows Phone 8.1 are here. Yesterday, T-mobile announces their newest handset, Lumia 635 with an attractive price. What about some more new hardware? Well, we have seen numerous name like McLaren or Tesla float on the pool of leaks. Well, today, we are looking at another leak of the upcoming unknown Lumia model.

From what we can see here, the phone surrounds with a metal, maybe aluminum, frame and a polycarbonate back plate, and a rear-facing speaker, similar to the Lumia 925 and the ICON. Also, what is up with that camera. At first glance, it looks like the hump of the 1020, but it is not, it’s just a circle-glass with the camera inside.

The big question is, what model is this Lumia? The 830 has been put on the table, but there are some problems with that hypothesis, since it’s a mid-range, but considers the camera and the size of the handset, it is too big for a usual mid-range device from Nokia. Other possibilities, which is more credible, is that this is the successor of the 1020, codenamed the McLaren. This device rumored to be a high-end device pack with not only the best camera, but also a 3D Touch system. Another suspect is the Tesla. We do not know for sure is that it, but for now, it’s only speculation.

Source: Weibo
Via: Pocketnow


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