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Nokia Lumia 830 shows up again, with a new brand and render


If you remember, a few days ago, I reported on a leaked picture of a new Lumia device, and I thought it was the “McLaren” but it isn’t. Most reports however, does not agree, and predict it is the 830. Well, today, another picture of this same handset with a new branding, “Nokia by Microsoft.”

This leaked render appeared yesterday as the Lumia 830 came out of Italy by the way of China, and beside the giant camera oreo, says “Nokia by Microsoft” with an elegant design. This is not surprising since we know that Microsoft has licensed the brand Nokia Lumia, this brand did not appear on the other leaks a few days ago. Some specifications also have been leaked with this render, the shooter on the back is rumored to be a 13MP PureView camera with lens from Zeiss. The display is also expected to be a 4.5-inch display.

Although most news outlets expect this to be an 830, the design and looks of this phone are similar to the 925. There is a possibility that this will be the Lumia 935? We don’t know yet, but look at Nokia’s standard 20MP for rear-facing camera, it is possible that this will be the mid-ranger Lumia 830.

Source: BaiduWindowsBlogItalia (translated)

Via: PhoneArena


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