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New data from ComScore shows no growth for Windows Phone in the US


It is not a surprise to anyone that Windows Phone is not the most popular phone in the US despite how many Hawaii-Five-O  episode it was in. For one thing, the US consumers are quite conservative in the concept of trying new things, which led to the domination of the iPhone and Android. And although Windows Phone has improved a lot in recent years, ComScore’s newest report shows a disappointment market share for Windows Phone. 

Before getting into Windows Phone, let’s look at Android, iOS and Blackberry since Febuary. While Android is still dominating the US market with a 52.1 % market share, it hasn’t grown at all. iOS and Apple on the other hand, with the releases of iOS 7, and soon, 8, the platform has seen a 0.6% growth since Febuary, with 41.9%. Taking the 4th place in US market is Blackberry, with 2.3%, dropped 0.6%. Now, Microsoft and its own Windows Phone are in the third-place, which is arguably not bad, but without any new hardware, the platform has not grown at all in the US, and take 3.4% of the US market share. 

In the OEM market share, after look over 169 million smartphone owners, in the 3 months lead up to May, Apple is staying in the first play, with a 41.9 % market share, that is 6% higher from Febuary. Second place is of course Samsung, with 27.8%, a 0.8 % increase. Third, fourth and fifth place are LG, with 6.5% (0.3% decrease from Febuary), Motorola with 6.3% (no change since Febuary) and lastly is HTC with 5.1% (0.3% decrease from Febuary). Nokia is nowhere to be found in the top 5 chart. 

Source: ComScore

Via: WP Central




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