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iPhone 6, and/or “iPhone Air” release date rumored


As we all know, Apple possibly will be launching 2 iPhone models in the late summer, or fall of this year, and although we called both of it iPhone 6, we still don’t really know will there be name(s) for each model of the iPhone. Since the beginning of summer, we’ve heard that the two devices will be launch separately. But today, new source out of China indicate something different, not only on the date, but also the fact that these two devices will be launching on the same date, and this is where thing gets complicated.

This source,, has revealed some information about these two phones. The source says that both handsets will have different names, like the 5S and 5C. According to the Chinese newspaper, the 4.7-inch variant will be named the iPhone 6; the 5.5-inch, however, will be called the iPhone Air. The source also reports that the launch will be held on a Thursday, the 25th of September. The announcement event will be earlier, on Monday, September 15th. This does make sense, since as a habit, Apple usually takes about 10 days to get all of the approval and the paperwork done. A

This phone will most likely to become available in September, as some early leaked information from earlier this year, let’s wait for the two bigger (and supposedly better) iPhone(s) come to us.


Via: Pocketnow


5 replies on “iPhone 6, and/or “iPhone Air” release date rumored”

Great post here – this is actually something that I’ve not thought about – I’ve always wanted the thinner and lighter iPhone – but this article does indeed make sense – brilliantly done!



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