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Two new Windows Phone rumored to be coming soon


A we all know that although Windows Phone 8.1 is a good update with the right direction, the update is slowly rolling out to users and new hardware that pre-install it is quite rare. As of right now, the only high-end device that has WP8.1 pre-installed is the Lumia 930. Well, these days are coming to an end, as new rumors reported by The Verge about two new devices is on their way to the market.

Unnamed source from The Verge firmly believes that Stephen Elop and his device division of Microsoft has introduced two new phones in an internal presentation that took place earlier this week. One of the two devices has a direct connection to the earlier rumored “Superman,” which has a 4.7 display and a 5MP front-facing camera to follow the selfie trend that other OEMs have gone on. Supposedly, the phone is described as a “selfie device” in his presentation.

The other that was also included in the Elop’s presentation to his employee was the device that has been rumored before, with a high – end lens that popped out of the rear of the device, but selling this as an affordable device. The Verge did not provide us with any information related to the reveal date or specific pricing of the two handsets. However, the news outlet did mentions about an affordable price for both.

Sadly, there is no mention of the project “McLaren,” which further proves the cancelation of the handset.

Source: The Verge

Via: WP Central


4 replies on “Two new Windows Phone rumored to be coming soon”

[…] This device, apparently has been codenamed “Train” is on its way to AT&T as the successor of the Lumia 820, the Lumia 830. Now, we do not know about the details of this phone, except that its design has an accent of the ICON and the Lumia 925, and it also has a mini camera hump in the back. As of right now, we’re not sure if it is the Lumia 830, but the size seems to suggest a mid-range device rather than a high-end device. Whatever the case, this phone will also be carrying the new “Nokia by Microsoft” brand. This phone might be one of the two devices that Stephen Elop has mentioned in Microsoft’s inte… […]


[…] Through its source, WP Central has provided us some details about the phone. Supposedly, the Lumia 730, with the codename “Superman” featured a 4.7-inch display, with 1GB of RAM, an unknown quad-core processor, 8GB of built in storage (allegedly is expandable up to 128GB), 6.1MP main camera and 5MP front-facer. The phone is a Dual SIM device, with no dedicated camera button and has been reported by WP Central to be “super light.” Now, since this has a 5 MP front-facer, this may well be the “selfie phone” that was mentioned by Stephen Elop. […]



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