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New family plan from T-mobile!

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T-mobile has been known as a pro-consumer carrier, or “uncarrier.” And the company deserves that, after all, the whole new free music streaming and Test Drive are some revolution for the industry as a whole, combine with payment for early ETF from other carriers is quite, well, awesome. To continue that status, the company is introducing new family plans for new customers who would be interested in such kind.

So, what is this new plan from John Legere that will “blow AT&T’s ‘Best-Ever’ completely out of the water”? Starting July 30th, customers can start to set up an account with 4 lines and get up to 10GB of high speed data. But instead of 10GB to share, T-mobile give each member 2.5GB of high speed data, and unlimited talk, text, and all of this will cost just $100, $60 less than AT&T.

T-mobile has also provided us a tablet to compare, but I do encourage you to do your own research and not just blindly believe:


So, are you and your family signing up for this plan?

Source: T-Mobile

Via: WP Central



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