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More leaks on specification of the Lumia 730


Well, although I was complaining that Nokia and Microsoft should be focusing on higher-end device, but then again, it is better to have something rather than nothing at all. Yesterday, I reported from WP Central about a new Lumia 730, with pictures and what we can get from them. So far, it seems to be quite a mid-ranger. But without specification, it is hard to piece everything together, and that is why today, we got some new information about what will be featured inside the phone.

Through its source, WP Central has provided us some details about the phone. Supposedly, the Lumia 730, with the codename “Superman” featured a 4.7-inch display, with 1GB of RAM, an unknown quad-core processor, 8GB of built in storage (allegedly is expandable up to 128GB), 6.1MP main camera and 5MP front-facer. The phone is a Dual SIM device, with no dedicated camera button and has been reported by WP Central to be “super light.” Now, since this has a 5 MP front-facer, this may well be the “selfie phone” that was mentioned by Stephen Elop.

For the new firmware “Lumia Debian Red,” since Microsoft just released a preview for the Update 1 for Windows Phone 8.1, this might be the Update 1 for the Lumia line, with more of Lumia’s exclusive software.

Anyone excited for the upcoming Lumia 730?

Source: WP Central


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