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The Nokia Lumia 830 shows up in photos and certification in Brazil


You know, it is overdue for Microsoft to release an upper mid-range or even a high-end Lumia device. After all, we only have the ICON and 930 (which is the same phone essentially) to enjoy, and we need more just to choose from, and it seems like the Lumia 830 will do just that, as the phone just landed in Brazil with its certification and possibly be ready to launch.

With the internal branding “Microsoft Mobile”, the Lumia 830 was caught while it was going through Brazil’s Anatel (a similar FFC in the US) with its certification. Just like any other Lumias, the Lumia 830 will have the model number RM-985, and the FCC ID: QMNRM-986 (at least for the Brazil variant), with the Lumia 830 as its commercial name.

A few interesting things popped up as we look through the phone, for the first time, we might just get a Lumia with a removable battery door, which lead to a removable battery. Now, we also see an existence of a Micro SD slot. Specification wise, since this agency is similar to FCC, the specs were not in the documents, but here is something we learn from these photos: the phone will have a 1020-alike camera, which hints at a PureView Zeiss lens camera; the “Microsoft Mobile” is  the internal brand for the Anatel/FCC label, but commercially will be called Nokia; since the phone will be an upper mid-ranger, a dedicated camera button and hardware capacitive navigation buttons are present; LTE/4G is available.

Now, there are some rumors about the specification that is floating out there, ranged from very mid-range-ish to decent, but the most reliable one is that the phone is featuring a 4.5 to 4.7-inch 720p (but there is no evidence to rule out 1080p) display and a Snapdragon 800 or 801. Exact details of the processor, RAM and on board memory is currently remained unknown, but IFA is only a few weeks away, and we can’t wait to know more.

This phone is expected to come to all three biggest carriers in the US, and it is surely will be revealed on September 4, at Microsoft’s IFA event, with its sibling, the Lumia 730, rumored to be a selfie phone. 

Source: Anatel:

Via: WP Central




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