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OnePlus One is ensured to get Android L updates


The “Flagship Killer” has raised up for the past few months with its newest, and first ever smartphone, the One (yea, I know). Now, the One Plus One did not make it to many customers due to its availability issue and the ridiculous invite system, but those who got out has been used with the 4.4 Kitkat and Cyanagen Mod. So, is there any plans to upgrade it to Android L?

Well, today, a statement has been released from the company ensured the user that the “flagship killer” phone would be upgraded to the newest version of Android “within 3 months” of its release. The similar time frame of its competitor, HTC. So now, the question becomes when will Android L come out? According to Google, L will get to the users starting in the fall, which means the OnePlus user will get the update in around the winter holiday or New Year. Be ready for that!

Source: OnePlus forums

Via: Phone Arena



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