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Cortana outage resulted in some quite time for some users

Although Cortana is great, she is still on Beta, and we do expect a lot of errors in the software. So far, errors were appearing less than we expected. Minor lags is the only thing that is bugging me so far. Well, the Cortana service has some trouble today, and a lot of users haven’t been able to talk to their phone. 

In the last few hours, Windows Phone users that have Windows Phone 8.1 installed reports that Cortana is not working for them. The messages that they were receiving are just “witty error message when retrieving interests” like news and weather information. The messages are usually like “My suggestion well is dry. Try back later or add some more interests” or ” I’m sorry, the internet and I aren’t talking right now.” These suggest that Microsoft is having some problem with Cortana server. 

The good thing is, since it is powered by the internet, everything should be back in place soon, but this outage just shows how reliant Microsoft’s server that power its voice assistant can be. The ability to release updates without updating the OS also the weakness of the feature since everything related to what’s happening in Redmond. 

How is your experience with Cortana so far? 

Source: WP Central 



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