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Lumia users in Thailand are getting their Lumia update


We have been waiting for Lumia Cyan updates to hit Lumia phones since the day Nokia announced it. Although there is no formal statement, we’ve learned that some user across the world has been receiving their update, like in South America, and officially in Findland and Spain for the Lumia 925. Microsoft also has confirmed the India’s users that the updates are now available for them. Well, today, another country that seeks the Cyan updates on their Lumia devices is Thailand.

Reportedly by WP Central, some Lumia users in Thailand are asserting that their devices have received the Lumia Cyan updates. As we know, the Cyan not only contains Windows Phone 8.1, but also carries some major updates for Nokia’s own services, like Creative Studio, as well as adding Bluetooth 4.0 LE, display controls for more control in brightness and warmth of the color. Those are only a few of the Cyan package.

For the official OTA, it is expected to be arriving in mid-July due to recent leaks, but what we know for sure is that it will be available during the summer. Check with me right away if you see any update for your Lumia.

Source: WPCentral 

Via: Phone Arena



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