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Schedule for Cyan Update leaked



Although I enjoy Windows Phone 8.1 on my phone, it’s just the developer preview version, and no where near finish. There are still numerous update to fix bugs and lag that still exist, and although the overall looks to be ready, there was no official schedule of when will Nokia release Windows Phone 8.1 officially.

Well, today we have seen a leak of an OTA update schedule that will come with current Windows Phone 8 devices. Provided by +@evleaks, what you are looking at is an internal Nokia chart from Western Europe. As you can see, the box labelled WP Blue OTA is the Cyan update for Lumia devices. So, if this schedule is legitimate – which is probably is – then the update will come in the mid-July.

However, this specifies devices rather than carrier, meaning there is a possibility of waiting time for carrier to approve it. The possibility was cleverly pointed out by Stephen Scheneck of Pocketnow when he noticed the unusual long shape of the WP blue box.


Source: evleaks

Via: Pocketnow


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