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Microsoft talks about Windows Phones will let you put apps in folders, soon


As Windows Phone 8.1 is still developing, Microsoft is still finding a way to smoothen the user experiences. Now, you can already put apps in folders, but it’s kind of a cheat rather than a feature. The ability to do that is through Nokia App Folders to be able to do it, and you actually have to open the apps, create a folder, add the apps to that folder, and then pin it on the Start Screen.

Well, part of the revision of the Windows Phone 8.1 is to make everything right, and the fact that users have to download apps to get a folder is just frankly, ridiculous. Well, now you can create folders by moving a tile on top of another tile to create a folder, much like iOS and Android. The cache that was taken from the Windows Phone instruction site also suggests that “Windows Phone 8.1 Update” is needed for users to be able to pull this off (which for Lumia, it’s rumored to be arriving this July). This, however, does not clear up about the full 8.1 Update or an upcoming patch for the Developer Preview.

Stay tune, as I will be looking out for the next updates in the Developer preview to see any significant change related to this topic.

Source: Windows Phone (cached)

Via: Engadget Mobile


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