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GDR 1 Update for Windows Phone 8.1 mentioned in OEM documentation


While a lot of us still do not have access to Windows Phone 8.1 just yet, there are already talks about the next update for the OS. Update 1 or GDR 1 has been in the rumor train for a couple weeks now. Well, today, we just got more reason to believe that GDR 1, usually contains minor bug fixes and new features, will be coming soon, as the company just referenced it in their documents in the Developer Center.

As shown in the screen shot by WP Central, GDR 1 is under the OEM documentation. Unluckily, because I’m not an OEM, the two GDR document access is out of my reach, because Microsoft has put up restriction to just their OEM partner. But look at the positive side, the updates are actually complete enough for OEM to actually have access, and that also means within a few months, the updates might well be available for users. Also, props to Microsoft for finally listen to all the news outlet, and releasing updates more often to keep up with the competitions.

On the darker side, however, the content of GDR 1 is still a mystery. Now, we already know about the exist of Folder on Start screen without the needs to use a third-party app. But let’s keep in mind that GDRs are more about the fixes and patching what is wrong with the OS, or minor improvements rather than an overall change for the OS.  Another thing for you to also keep in mind is that I have reported on 2 versions of update to be released for Windows Phone users this year.

Microsoft is expected to release GDR 1 updates first, through the Preview for Development programs before it’s released to the mass, just like what the company has done to GDR3 for Windows Phone 8.0.

Source: Microsoft Dev Center

Via: WP Central


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