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LG G3 or LG “G Vista” Verizon’s render leaked


Although the LG G3 has been available for the Korea and other Asian markets, the handset is nowhere to be found in the US. I mean, yes, we have seen the G3 in T-mobile’s competition. Last Monday we saw a render of case for an LG Vista for Verizon, which looks quite similar to the G3, and today, @evleaks has released a render of these G3-alike (or Vista) devices to the public.

As you can see from the picture above, there are two very similar phones, but one has slightly wider in display size compared to the other. Also, different color, position of ear piece and Verizon logos up front. One possible reason is that one of the two is the Verizon G2 Pro Lite for Verizon leaked a few weeks back through FCC, and the smaller one is possibly the G2 Pro Lite.

We are all expecting the LG G3 to be available on AT&T, Sprint, T-mobile and Verizon, and as this article suggests, for Verizon it will be named “G Vista.” We do not know the release date of this device on Verizon, or other carriers for that matter. But here is an update, since the Beta gift away for T-mobile end today, the G3 might be coming to the carrier soon.

Source: @evleaks

Via: Pocketnow



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