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Microsoft plans to update Cortana twice a month

Although with all the praise that Cortana gets from reviewers, there is no denying that she is still in Beta mode. Weak voice recognition and result data base make her a bit immature, even know it is available for the US, and will soon roll out for the UK and other English-speaking regions (and China as well). Microsoft is planning to commit to an ultimate, fresh and bug-free virtual assistant.


To stay with that plan, Microsoft’s Cortana team is willing to do extra work, and break the update schedule if necessary “for things that are timely, urgent or badass.” With this schedule, it allows Cortana to spurt more information that is relevant to the users and the world around them with the voice of Jen Taylor.

The improvement is already there. Evidently, users report a less robotic Cortana throughout the time of using it, as well as some new features. Because Cortana is a server-side system, combine with the fact that her (Cortana’s) pages viewed in HTML5, Microsoft is able to push out update as often as possible without bringing an OS update.

As of right now, Cortana’s future seems bright with the company is committed to making Cortana become more robust, true to live voice in the future. With allegedly the ability to be able to regionalize, Cortana can stand out from Siri and Google Now to be the most useful voice assistant.


Source: Engadget

Via: WPCentralPocketnow


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