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Just as we thought that the acquisition of T-mobile US by Sprint is about to die, it has once again, came up. As the Wall Street Journal reported, Sprint is nearing to close the deal, and Sprint would own the T-mobile, also known as the “Uncarrier“-carrier.

There was no accurate report as to how much does Sprint have to pay for T-mobile. Multiple records show $50 billion, and then another came up at $32 billion. Although there is no real confirmation, varies sources draw to a conclusion that the price would be about $40 billion.

But we seen this happened before, AT&T tried to acquire T-mobile before and even though everything was looking fine, the deal fell through at the last minute, and it is possible that the same thing will happen. But if not, and everything goes well, the deal will be official in the summer.

Source: WJS

Via: Pocketnow


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