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OTA updates for Windows Phone 8.1 is confirmed for multiple market


Since the announce of Windows Phone 8.1, all of us has been desperately waiting for the arrival of the updates. Maybe a lot of us here is running the developer review, but OTA updates are still needed with all the bug fix and full features. The question is, when will this be available? Well, we’ve seen the schedule of Lumia Cyan OTA updates leaked out of Nokia itself, with confirmation of the updates are about to go out all at once. And now, some market confirms the update OTA.

The France carrier, SFR, announce to its user that the first Windows Phone update of the year will be hitting phones as early as July 8. Microsoft India Tweeter also confirms its Indian customers that the update will be coming to the market in the first week or two in July. What about those of us here in the States? Well, since other markets are starting to roll out their update as we’re moving in July, we might see our own update soon as carriers done all of their testing with the update.

Source: SFR (Google Translate), Microsoft India (Twitter)

Via: Pocketnow


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