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T-mobile is officially the first carrier to pick up the LG G3

G3 Tmobile

Well, the days that you have to go to GSM Nation, Negri Electronics, Clove or even importing it from available market is now over. This Monday, T-mobile is starting to accept pre-orders for the LG G3. The third largest carrier in the US has been giving away 28 G3 Beta version to 28 lucky entries out of 74,000 registered by T-mobile. All of the orders will start shipping July 15th.

The LG G3 priced at $589 in the T-mobile online store without taxes, which is similar to the unlock price with Verizon, rumored to be launching on July 17th, and reported to have the price tag of $199 on contract. As of right now, T-mobile is offering 25% discount for accessories for those who use the code SUNNYACC25 at checkout. Are you looking for an LG G3 with 4G LTE enable for US network? Well, here is your chance, order one now at the link bellow.

Source: T-mobile

Via: Phone Arena



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