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Moto 360 will have its own Moto Maker?


With the mentality of customization, it is no doubt that you are able to make the device your own with hundreds of color combinations enhances the user experiences, not to downgrade the importance of good performance in mid-range hardware and Touchless control, but Moto maker does make quite a difference. Although the Moto 360 is not announced yet, but when it gets here later this summer, it will have the customization options of its own.

The question is, what kind of customization can you do with a watch? Well, there are straps types (materials) and colors, that can be one possibility… What about the body of the watch itself, maybe the material of the body, or there will be something wrap around the body. What about the screen option? What will be the default watch face? I mean, the Moto maker allows you to choose default screen saver, it might apply to the Moto-watch-maker too…?

On the topic of availability, the source suggests that the Moto 360 is expected to be launched alongside the Moto X+1, which is understandable since then that is why Moto 360 was not ready to join the G Watch and Gear Live at Google I/O. We don’t know the exact date of the launch of the device, but if the source is accurate, and that it will available alongside the Moto X+1, then we can see both of this device in late summer and early fall.

Source: PhoneArena

Via: Pocketnow



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