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Lumia Cyan allegedly (and officially) showed up in Argentina and Finland


Although a lot of us is on Windows Phone 8.1 Developers Previews, we are all still waiting for the full Windows Phone 8.1 update to arrive, and for those who are using Lumias right now, the update is known as the Lumia Cyan update. Well, lucky for those who have the Lumia 925 in Finland because the Cyan Update has arrived for them, and apparently for some Lumias in Argentina too.

To be clear, the Cyan update is only official in Finland for the 925, I can’t verify the source from Argentina just yet (but they had a great game against Nigeria don’t you think?), however, Argentinian users claimed that their Lumia 925 and 1020 got the Lumia Cyan update.

So, to recap, depend on hardware, the Cyan update not only will be bringing Windows Phone 8.1, but also enhancement on Creative Studio, Nokia Camera, and Bluetooth 4.0 LE support for varying accessories. You will also get more control in the firmware department like display brightness settings. To make sure, let’s all going into the settings -> phone update -> check for updates and see which of us get updates!

Source: Nokia (Finland), WinPhoneMetro

Via: WP Central 1, 2


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