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Skype update for Windows Phone 8.1 give Cortana support


Although Cortana is very helpful, not a lot of apps support this new feature, not even Microsoft’s own apps, things like integrating apps with Cortana is still in the work. Well, at least Microsoft got one done, as they just released an update to cooperate Skype with Cortland, allow you to make a straight phone call from Cortana like we’ve seen at the Build keynote.

The 2.19 update now allows users with Windows Phone 8.1 installed (yes, the developers preview too) to ask Cortana to connect them with some one via Skype. As Microsoft states, “Now you can start Skype video and audio calls by simply asking Cortana something like ‘Skype get Lara Kingwell on the screen’.”

Beside that, the new version adds the ability to swipe down to see any emails, texts and Skype updates though the Action Center. It also grants users the ability edit their last sent message, which is quite handy for those who wants to get the message out quickly. The company also increases the number of languages from 19 to 51.

So, update it and tell me what you think!

Source: Skype blog

Via: WP Central



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