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Microsoft will not charge people who pre-ordered Lumia 635 on the Microsoft store


I did not report on this, but 2 days ago, the pre-order site for the first Windows Phone 8.1 handset of the year, on AT&T and T-mobile network after less than a day of putting up the information on the site. Well, after a few days of silence, the company has released a statement. And today, we know what is happening to the site and the availability of the phone.

In a quote reported by Neowin, Microsoft’s spokesperson said that the device for AT&T and T-mobile variants of the phone were taken down because of the “included inaccurate information.” To recap, Monday, the phones were available at $99 no-contract for AT&T, and $129 for T-mobile. The spokesman also mentions that for those customers who happened to pre-ordered the phone “have not been charged. As with all Microsoft Store pre-orders, the customer is not charged until a device is available and only upon shipment.”

So, when will this Windows Phone 8.1 handset be available in the U. S? Unfortunately, Microsoft was unable to answer, as it states, “We expect pricing and availability for the Lumia 635 to be announced by our U.S. carrier partners at a later time.”

Source: Neowin

Via: WP Central



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