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New Lumia (phablet?) is coming to T-mobile


While some of the most high-end device has been released on Verizon (Lumia ICON) and AT&T (Lumia 1520), T-mobile has been neglected by Nokia, which is one of the largest Windows Phone maker. Well, worry not T-mo users, because according to the leaks guy, @evleaks, one of Nokia’s newest devices is coming to them

Well, for now, no picture or hardware leaks have been revealed, all we have is a name, Lumia 1520. Now, we know that 152x is the phablet model, so this will be another 6-incher with some appearance changes. Although it’s great news for T-mobile, I’d rather see the carrier pick up some Windows Phone that users can actually buy, like the Lumia 930, or Lumia 935 if that ever come out.

Sources: @evleaks

Via: WMPoweruser



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