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Microsoft rumored to bring Android app compatibility to Windows Phone


This year is absolutely has been one hell of a year for smartphone, especially for Windows Phone and Nokia. While Nokia has been bought by Microsoft, the company also dropped number calling in their product, like the Icon. They also launched a new Android line up, which has just been renewed a few weeks ago. Nokia also has released a “pre-beta” for their very own Android launcher, the Launcher Z. So now, since Microsoft just gain another arm in the Smartphone business, what are they going to do with their platform? How about Android App? Well, according to The Verge, it’s doing just that.

For Windows along, it is quite easy to use Android apps via BlueStacks or some other third-party. So, Microsoft supposedly, will team up with these third-party companies and provide the user Android app compatibility.

This decision, however, has not been finalized, because of some conflicts about this choice within the company. On one hand, there are those who believe that Android apps are the thing that will give the buyer reason to get a Windows Phone. On the other hand, this step will re-define Windows Phone, and could ultimately spell out the fate of the OS. So, the decision is far from being decided, but for now, we know that Microsoft might just allow Android apps in its own store rather than doing what Amazon and Blackberry is doing.

Hypothetically, let’s say this is true, this will put Microsoft in the ranks of those who allows you to side-load apps like a Blackberry, and the thing here is, the Windows Store is too advanced now to do this. With more than 200,000 apps are in the Store, doing this would be a step back, reputation wise, about the Windows Phone platform.

Source: The Verge

Via: Pocketnow



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